Style Spotlight: Erin Wasson

Each month we’ll feature someone who doesn’t only shut. it. down on the red carpet, but has a totally wicked everyday style. So, to kick off the week let’s take a gander through the insanity that is supermodel-stylist-designer Erin Wassen’s siiiiiick style. She’s the bohemian dream queen with a rockstar edge!

Hanging out at Alexander Wang

The 411: We’re kind of dealing with a triple threat here! Erin’s a high-flying supermodel (she werks it on all the ma-jor runways and has scored a bevy of insane campaigns), has styled for Alexander Wang and designs for Low Luv jewelery. Which, fyi, makes me want to pass outIf I could I’d wear all of her pieces every single day. Seriously.  

Why I’m obsessed: I’ve had a love affair with Erin Wasson for quite some time now … I’m always drawn to the girls who really represent their own sense of self within their style. I love that no matter what the current trends are, Erin lives and owns her look. She’s got a sort of grunge-meets-boho thing going on, which she accents with a little bit of rock and roll and a whole lot of effortless glamour. It’s all about oversized furs, lots of layers, a mixture of textures and a ton of edgy accessories. Oh, and we can’t forget the undone hair and minimal make-up. She literally makes me want to punch myself in the face! In the good way. Obv-iously.

From here on out, I’ll let the photos do the talking (mostly). I’ve tried to showcase a little bit of everything … explosions of fur, layers upon layers, and edgy eveningwear! Enjoy!

I’m sorry… tie-dyed flares and a fringed fur? Beyond. And who else can rock tiger-print and a side pony?!

Photos courtesy of and (centre photo)

The epitome of layered perfection.

Photos courtesy of &

Effortless chic with simple t’s and stand-out accessories

Photos courtesy of, &

There are literally no words … she rocks the LBD in so many different ways it kills me.

Photos courtesy of and (middle photo)

Totally shuts it down in a number of white options., & chillywallpaper.

And as my final piece de resistwhatsit, Erin at the 2009 Met Gala. Yes. She did. Leather pants, a dramatic tuxedo jacket and a slightly lopsided messy bun. There are no words. In the best way possible. With her swag, killer bone structure (it actually does kill me…) and badass attitutue … she can literally do anything with her style and make it work.

So. In conclusion … basically the woman is a style genius. She can go from a super boho furry blow up, to a chic jacket and skinnies, to an ethereal Chanel number all while staying totally true to her own style. This girl will never be victimized by a fashion disaster … whatever she puts on, she owns. So major. I think that’s something we can all take inspiration from … styling a look in your own way (whether it be pairing your favourite edgy jewels with a classic gown or rocking patent booties with denim cut-offs) is what makes fashion so fun! Now let’s skip work and go play dress up! Juuuuuust kidding ……

Love, glamour, and all things stylish, xxMegan West

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PS Again. Have someone in mind for a Style Spotlight? Send me an e-mail and I can make it happen!

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