Ask a Stylist: Bag Lady

Fendi, Prada & Gucci

“After an unfortunate purse-on-table meets candle-on-table incident, I’ve come to need a new bag for fall. Can you show me the latest trends?” – DD Stylist says: Well, DD, that sounds like a slightly traumatic yet also wildly insane story! For another time … and another place. However, I’ve gotta say, you’ve picked an excellent … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

Stylish Sat Oct 22

It’s officially the weekend! You know, in case you didn’t know … Anyways, hope your weekend is off to a faaaan crackin’ (that’s PTSC slang for way fun) start! With Madison Blake off galavanting amongst the palm trees and Disney characters, I am here to fend for myself with the Stylish Saturday segment. So if you’re … Continue reading

The Weekend Special: We Got More Bounce in California

Clueless WSpecial

Happy Friday!!! Yesterday, the love of our life, Madison Blake, jetted off and left us for the geographical love of my life: Southern California! Now now, don’t panic. It’s only for a week. As distraught as I am about this out of country seperation … it did provide instant source of inspirational material for today’s Weekend Special! I … Continue reading

Styling Segment: Daytime Dressing

makeup application darcie

The Story: Fab friend, life support, and part-time photoshoot assistant Darcie D came to me with a personal styling mission: to help her dress “professional, chic & work appropriate.” Workwear seems to be a common theme as of late…  Anyhoo, as a recent graduate, Darcie wanted to step up her workforce style game. Clearly I thought this would … Continue reading

Flare Magazine x The Bay Fall Trend Presentation


Like every other fashion blogger in Vancouver, Megan West and I hustled down to The Bay at Pacific Centre after calling it a day at our 9-to-5s to get the lowdown on the hottest trends from Flare EIC Lisa Tant and HBC fashion director Suzanne Timmins. We snagged some front row seats, filled our hands … Continue reading

Red Carpet Style: Gwen Stefani Part 2

Gwen and Gavin Red Carpet

Megan West got us off to a great start yesterday with her 5 picks for Gwen Stefani’s best red carpet moments, didn’t she?  It’s no secret that I’m kind of a huge fan of Gwen’s, and have been for years (I spent a good portion of grade 4 with a rhinestone stuck to my forehead … Continue reading

Red Carpet Best: Gwen Stefani Part 1

Gwen and Gavin Red Carpet 1

Over here at PTSC headquarters, we’ve had a bit of lifelong love affair with Gwen Stefani. Okay, well, like, at least 16 years…which is basically a lifetime. While we die for her music, this post is all about style! Gwen constantly reinvents her look and makes a statement, all while staying true to her super-cool OC roots. Instead of chasing … Continue reading

Paris Fashion Week Recall: Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueen shoes

Paris Fashion Week is the ultimate.  Chanel, Balmain, Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton…all the major players come out to play, so you’d think we would have no problem choosing our favourite collections to show to all of you.  And we did have no problem, in a way…well, other than the fact that both of … Continue reading


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