The Birthday Special!

Yes, that’s right kids! Your eyes haven’t deceived you …we’ve re-revamped our regularly scheduled Weekend Special to bring you Madison Blake’s 25th Birthday Special!

Get your party hats on!!!

Today we dedicated our post to the always fabulous, best friend of all time & love of our lives Madison Blake!!! It goes without saying, but we’ve got a whole lotta love for this lady, so to mark the occasion KatelynD and I have put together a little somethin’ somethin’ for our main woman. So to kick things off in classic PTSC Birthday fashion, we have a KatelynD poetry original:

Happy Birthday to the beautiful & talented Madison Blake,
This post will serve you some yummy fashion cake.
Bright colours, sequins, glitter, & more,
When it comes to fashion & style, A+ is your score.

Stylish from birth; fashion immediately called your name,
Playing dress up has always been one of your favourite games.
Versace, BCBG, Joe Fresh – you love them all,
Stilettos, wedges, pumps – they all make you extra tall.

However, there is much more to you than your impeccable style,
You’re smart, athletic, & talented, always going the extra mile.
Your photoshop skillz are great, your blogging skillz are unreal,
As far as we’re concerned, you’re kind of a big deal.

Woo-hoo!It’s your 25th Birthday, & celebrate we will,
We hope that this post brings you a very wild thrill.
Vancouver, Barcelona, Las Vegas – it doesn’t matter where we start our tab,
As long as the Pointy Toe Shoe Crew is together, this birthday will be fab!

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Truly. And now for our next showcase! Here I take us on a look back over the last year at some of Madison Blake’s most statement-making style moments. This is a fashion blog after all and MB never fails on the fashion front! Her 24th was a stylish one and attention must be payed!

Being way too cool for life, Madison Blake rocks a wild print, lace shorts, socks with heels and werks a sophisticated and chic tuxedo blazer to pull the whole thing together! She shuts things down with giant sunnies and bolder than bold jewels! Can you say maaaay-jor?

From daytime cool to Vegas chic, this lady never lets us down! She’s clearly got Sin City under control as she works a cobalt mini, glittering accessories and platform pumps for a look thats fit for a high-flying Vegas VIP. Line-ups and cover? I don’t think so! Not with this glam-a-zon!

Never a tacky tourest, Madison shows us how to stay stylish and comfortable for a coastal road trip! Mixing her prints and accenting her look with bright pops of hot pink, Madison keeps her outfit way fun to match her adventurous day! Her sleek jacket and simple neckclase are the perfect final piece de whatsits, making her the best dressed in Seaside Oregeon! Okay so maybe that’s not saying much …… but still!

And here she goes getting all glammed up again! I’m not sure what’s more iconic than a Versace moment and Madison Blake doesn’t let us down in this gold and black studded top from their H&M collab. Her fringed bag adds an extra element of rock n’ roll, while her pulled back pony and deep wine lippy lends a refined quality to her overall look.

Okay okay, you caught me. This one was intended for a wild chuckleit is technically the Weekend Special afterall. And besides, if this wasn’t an iconic fashion moment, I don’t know what was! Roaming around a fashion event in matching Fluxus jumpsuits … I mean.

And finally, to wrap things up we’re taking a trip around the world!This is a milestone birthday afterall and well … if I had it my way we’d be throwing parties in all the hot spots!  So to help make these dreams a reality, KatelynD put her photoshop skillz to good use! Have a look at the PTSC celebrating Madison’s birthday all around the world! And hey, three party spots isn’t excessive … didn’t Paris Hilton throw at least 25 parties when she celebrated her 25th b day?! A few pit stops here and there ain’t no thang!

First stop … Las Vegas to dance the night away at XS

Next we sun ourselves on the beaches of Barcelona … hey we’ve gotta recuperate from LV somehow!

And for our final party stop … we drink martinis at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower … ? Why not, right?!

So with that, we wish our bestie one final Happy Birthday! Here’s to an amazing year with big things to come. You are the greatest invention ever and our lives would be a mock and a sham without you! We love you…

… Until the cows come home & the sun don’t shijne.

Xoxoxoxo Megan West & KatelynD

PS. We’re back at fashion week tonight … stay tuned to our Twitter for live converage!!! Follow us @PTShoeCrew

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10 Responses to “The Birthday Special!”
  1. Colin says:

    So much love for that party hat!

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Happy Birthday Madison! Awesome post guys!

  3. Mother E says:

    Happy, happy day Madison!!! You guys have done a lot this week: from Paris to Spain and back, in time for VFW. Well done!

  4. Baillie says:

    Happy Birthday Madison!

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