PSA: Ego Closet Parrrr-tay!

It’s that time again! You know, time for a very serious public service announcement-type post. Apparently t’is the season for awesome sales in our fine city and Vancouver retailer Ego Closet is coming at you with one of their own! Except this is even more fun than a regular sale because it’s all in celebration of their 1 year anniversary! If you aren’t familiar with them yet you can click back to this post for the 411.

What: A shopping party (the best kind, riiiight?) filled with yummy treats, giveaways and 20% off all purchases!

When: The party itself is from 12pm – 7pm on June 1st, but the 20% off will be available online until June 3rd.

Why: See above! I mean … do you really need more convincing?

BONUS feature: That’s right, I’m not the only one who’s all about the bonus features! If you “check-in” at Ego Closet on Facebook/Foursquare, tweet them @egocloset using hashtag #EgoOneYear, OR “like” them on Facebook you will be entered to win yourself a $50 dolla gift card to their online boutique! Way fun!

Madison Blake and I will be stopping by Friday afternoon and you should too! Come say hi, have yourself a treat and score some awesome deals! Shut things down this summer with a fashionable AND frugal wardrobe. What’s better?!

Stay stylish people, xxMegan West

PS. Have you liked US on Facebook yet?! What are you waiting for? And don’t forget to make my day even better join in on our fashion banter by following us on Twitter!

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