Resort 2013: Chris Benz

Aloha, friends! I thought I’d get all tropical with my greeting since today we’re talking Resort 2013 again (for part 1 with Megan West, click here). Resort collections should evoke a certain glamour and luxury (after all, they are designed especially for those who can afford an expensive wintertime getaway) while maintaining some semblance of real world wearability. When pegging my fave, I found Chris Benz’s collection provided just enough practicality (the majority of the collection is lined in nylon netting to allow the clothes to be worn over a wet swimsuit) with all the luxury I expect from resort wear (case in point: a white cashmere maxi dress).

When one vacays in a sexy tropical locale, at least one loud colourful print must find its way into the suitcase; there are ample prints to choose from in Benz’s collection. I particularly love the printed granny/pyjama suit…just obnoxious enough, don’t you think?

Another key to successful resort dressing is packing pieces that easily fit together to create a cohesive look. Layers are important; one outfit might need to take you from early morning poolside margaritas coffee to a rooftop patio dinner with no time for a costume change in between!

No vacation wardrobe is complete without the requisite neutrals (and the aforementioned cashmere maxi). Benz’s use of sheer layers in this collection has a lovely breeziness; very apropros for, say, a St Lucia holiday. A little tailored jacket is always a great choice if you need to pack light.

And of course, no resort collection is truly complete without a little swimwear! When lounging at the beach one will also require a fashionable cover-up in an eye-catching colour.

Skirts and dresses are such an easy choice when on vacation (all the easier to slip on and off over your swimsuit)…and in case you need more dress options, Benz’s resort collection includes a number of styles and colours to choose from. Benz even includes a few sparkly little numbers like this one so you can get down in style at your all-inclusive resort’s discotheque.

Much love (and vacation daydreams), Madison Blake

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