Ask a Stylist: Festival Fun, pt. 2

I’m baaaack! If you’re just tuning into the fun now, click here for part 1 of this two part Ask a Stylist reply!

For our second look of the day, I bring a very casual yet cool option.  When styled just right,  nothing beats the combination of a classic pair of denim cut-offs and that perfect loose-T!  In this case, it’s really the accessories that do the talking. Look for eye-catching pieces like these cat-eye sunnies or statement-making wedges, to effortlessly cool-up an otherwise simple outfit.

Denim short shorts
$31 –
Camel handbag
Wood bead jewelry
And as an added Bonus Feature I’ve included some key basics to help you transition into the evening. You can layer-up by wearing these pieces on their own or as chill-fighting additions to your day look.
1. Free People Hooded poncho
Alright, so with that I think you’re set! Hope you have a way fab time! Stay safe and stay stylish, xxMegan West
PS. I’m also Tweeting from a solo account now … so come follow along on my  styling and fashion adventures! Or you know, just come chat with me about random things. That’s also fun.
2 Responses to “Ask a Stylist: Festival Fun, pt. 2”
  1. I love the distressed denim shorts, I would love them in my summer wardrobe!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

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