Ask a Stylist: Festival Fun, pt. 1

Welcome back from the long weekend! Hope you all had a great few days. Today is one of my favourite kind of posts as I am tackling an Ask a Stylist request! Recently a reader inquired with the following styling qualm:

What do I wear for a 3 day outdoor music festival if I don’t want to look like a hipster, a hippie, or someone who wishes they had gone to Coachella, but didn’t? What sort of shoe would be best? And what kind of accessories (eg. do I need a hat?)  Basically how to festivale-ize my look without looking too cliche?” – C.B

Ah, yes, the age old debate! How to maintain the style factor in less than ideal working conditions. Trust me, I’ve got you covered. I once went on an extreme sand dune adventure in a maxi dress and 5 inch wedges … this will be a breeze! If years of Troop Beverlly Hills taught me anything, it’s that you may have to adapt your glamour to the current situation, but you never have to sacrifice it! So here’s my first idea:

Option 1:

Studded jacket

River Island spike jewelry
$20 –

The colourful dress is super fun for summer and definitely gives off that carefree music fest vibe, but by keeping everything else relatively fuss-free you won’t run the risk of looking costume-y and over-styled. A denim jacket is a great option to keep on hand for the night-time chill fest and to answer your question … YES , rocking a hat is key! An essential piece to keep you from suffering a disasterous case of sun stroke. Or more importantly, shield any non-suspecting concert-goers from any unfortunate and unpredictable hair situations. 

Jewel-wise, a stack of bangles are a great option as they are sturdy enough to undergo mass amounts of maniacal dancing (clearly essential) and you know, any other forms of random josstling.  You’ll be in the wild afterall, so delicate jewels must stay home for this outing! Throw on a solid wedge and you’ve got a stylish and practical option … you’ve gotta see over the large crowds somehow, riiiiight? Finally, a bag large enough to house the essentials: water, lip gloss, spf, cell phone (for photo taking & PTSC-reading), tightly folded blanket, bag of popcorn … oh wait. Maybe that’s just our  adventure essentials. Either way, large bag: key. Rocking a fringed purse is a fun way to stay on-theme, but is also just a stylish option in general and will take you long past your festival days!

Hope this helps! Check back later for part two!

xxMegan West

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