Fall Couture Recall: Atelier Versace

In a world full of unpredictability, there’s one thing I’ve always been able to count on: Donatella Versace making the world a better place one couture collection at a time. Seriously, the queen of luxury never fails.  This season’s collection brought that distinct Versace feel with looks that command your attention. Evening gowns exude glamour with flowing layers and bold prints, while the teeny-tiny mini dressses are comprised of mindblowing intricacy and detailing. The colour pallette varies from bright jewel tones into softer blush tones, which lend a more refined and super goddess-like feel to the collection. It’s full of what we all love from Donatella … strong lines, telltale cuts, and recognizable silhouettes, but with the exploration of new fabrics and varying tones she’s given the collection a classic yet modern feel.

She opened the show with a series of perfectly cut trench coats and jaw-dropping gowns worthy of a spot in the finale. I mean … can you even?  Those gowns need to find themselves a home on a red carpet. Or, you know, in my closet.

Classic in so many ways, with their thigh-high slits and sheer cut-outs, these pieces ooze sex-appeal and over-the-top glamour. I only wish I could see these up close and personal as the beadwork and craftsmanship look beyond breathtaking. 

Nudes and blush tones give these minis a softer and more understated sort of feel. Well, as understated as dresses comprised of PVC-laminated silk adorned in crystals can possibly be. And that jacket? That is fit for a Versace superhero.

And this is when shiz gets real. The hallmark of every collection is the evening gowns and such is the case for Fall 2012! The beading, the cut-work, the panelling … everything is orchestrated to the utmost perfection. While super sexy, these are also sophisticated and elegant, merging the best of both worlds.

And then there’s this. I can’t handle it … can you? I am so obsessed with the spiderweb-like detailing on the first dress, which, with the addition of some lining, will make an incredible red carpet look. And the final three? Well that’s just the explosive glamour that I live for in a Versace collection. Surrounded in a sea of floating layers, these girls are a glamazon dream come true.

all images via style.com

I’ve looked through this entire collection about seven times now … so I think it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much flown off the Richter in terms of obsessiveness. If you’re a longtime PTSC reader you may recall that I wrote about Versace’s spring couture also and that one time we slept on the floor of Caesar’s Palace to live the lifelong dream of having ourselves a Versace moment. So as stated earlier, some things never change. In the good way. Because without collections like this, I really don’t know how I’d go on in life.  Are you as in love as I am? Let me know!

Have a wild one,

xxMegan West

Oh PS. Word on the street is, after the show Donatella turned the evening into a raging disco dance party. Can you even? Now if that that isn’t the dream, I don’t know what is.

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