SJP and Lee McQueen met gala 2006 crop

Throwback Thursday: Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2006 Met Gala

The theme of the 2006 Met Gala was AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion, and Sarah Jessica Parker attended on the arm of Lee McQueen, better known by the moniker shared by his fashion label, Alexander McQueen. SJP is arguably the annual belle of the Met Ball thanks to her collaborations with powerhouse designers and her tendency … Continue reading


Cannes Film Festival Round Up

So while I was recovering from Las Vegas, I missed a lot of the action over in France for the Cannes Film Festival, apparently. Since I had a pretty relaxing day off today, I spent a bit of my afternoon catching up on all the important fashion and glamour that went down over the course … Continue reading

marquee day club

Las Vegas Photo Diary + Must-Haves

Oh, hi there! Thought I’d left you for good, didn’t you? Would you believe me if I said that it has just actually taken me this long to recover from the epic Las Vegas vacation? My suitcase still isn’t fully unpacked, there are stray sequins and hair extensions showing up in the most random locations, … Continue reading

vegas throwback

A Foolproof Guide to Getting Vegas Ready

As previously mentioned (I’m kind of stuck on repeat on this)…I. Love. Vegas. It thrills me endlessly that I get to go next week, even more so because it includes being a bridesmaid in a bestie’s wedding (and, no, Megan isn’t getting married. I know you all think she’s my only friend, but…shocker! I have … Continue reading

beautopia the model movie

Throwback Thursday: Kate Moss in “Beautopia”

Hey, friends! Can you feel that? It’s the weekend getting that much closer! I’m kind of thrilling out over every passing day because it means one less day until I take off for my happy place (also know as Las Vegas). I know I should be all #liveinthemoment #bepresent and everything … but, well, my … Continue reading

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Woman Crush Wednesday: UK Vogue’s Sarah Harris

This week’s #womancrushwednesday is inspired by a very personal struggle. You see, I started going grey in my teens. Apparently, it’s genetic; as far back as I can remember, my dad had a healthy sprinkling of grey that has slowly taken over his head (possibly encouraged by raising four daughters…but let’s go with the genetics … Continue reading

met gala 2014 trio

Must See from the 2014 Met Gala

The Costume Institute Gala went down tonight at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the opening of  “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” inspiring the always glamorous attendees to step up their game in honour of the iconic American couturier. From simple and streamlined to sexy backless gowns and plunging necklines, there was a bit of … Continue reading

dress for success impact 360

More Than Fashion: Dress for Success

Hey everybody! Welcome back from the weekend – did you have an amazing time? Megan and I had big plans for a Friday night at the market, but we actually got a little rain on our parade and opted for sushi and lounging in her apartment instead, followed by the usual Saturday shenanigans of full … Continue reading


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