Black and White and Chic All Over

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Is the title too much? I guess my hours of shoe perusal in compiling the material for this post has left my judgement a bit impaired (I literally almost bought $740 Marc Jacobs shoes tonight…almost…) because I decided to forego my bland title of “Spring Style: Black & White Shoes” in favour of something a … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!


This week I’ve shifted from genie pants and man jackets to a beach-ready boho moment. It just so happened that my affinity for having a fringey moment translated perfectly for an impromptu afternoon beach visit. Though it was mind-blowingly freezing, I do love myself a trip to the beach. Whether or not I endorse over-the-knee-boots … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!


So I’ve just spent the last hour fighting with WordPress and yet again feel the need to exclaim that it’s ruining my life. Which it is. Anyway, how is the new year treating everyone, thus far??  I’ve gotta jet pretty quick here, so it’s a quick post today. But as you can see, we’re getting back … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

MW Nov 24 2

Alright so this week’s Stylish Saturday comes with a serious disclaimer. As anyone in Vancouver probably knows, the weather this week was on another level of nasty. So by default we ended up having to take our photos at our FAVORITE downtown location (see: our least favorite). I know everyone who knows us well is … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

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Well another week has come and gone! I’ve been holed up all week being a incubus of viral plague. So chic, I know. However, being under illness-induced house arrest has allowed me to catch copious amounts of Fresh Prince and Saved By The Bell. It’s been years since I’ve caught either of those shows and … Continue reading

The Weekend Special! + Karmaface Giveaway Winner!


It’s that time again! Almost the weekend and time for the Weekend Special! For those of you new to the PTSC, the Weekend Special is generally inspired by either some sort of comical misadventure of the week or by an event taking place over the weekend. This weekend Madison is going on a road trip … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!


Well, another week has come and gone, which means it’s time for your favourite day: Stylish Saturday!  Oh, wait, what…?  You mean you’d like Saturday even if it wasn’t stylish?  Whatever.  Indulge me, and yourself, by checking out some PTSC Street Style pics from this past (rainy) week… Megan West and I hit up the … Continue reading

Stylish Saturday!

iphone 007

The weekend is here in full force (and it’s SUNNY!!), which means it’s time for another edition of Stylish Saturday, where we take a walk down memory lane to re-live some fashion moments of our own making. These photos were taken on a shopping trip Thursday evening in Yaletown.  Specifically, they were snapped outside Jennyfleur … Continue reading


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